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As we all know, the Internet is probably the filthiest place on Earth. We never imagined that there would be a parallel universe to our planet that would be as filthy as Earth is, but we managed to make it even filthier and to make things even more surreal, the whole thing is existing in cyber space. That's so weird to even comprehend. Anyhow, webcam sites are the thing right now. It is probably the fastest growing branch of porn along with VR porn. Why do people love it so much? Because it is interactive and it is giving us the feeling of connection. At the end of the day, regulair porn leaves us empty, in our souls. it is just a boldly sensation with no real depth to it. It lasts for a few moments then, we are slow like slugs but at least our mind functions are back to normal. With webcamming we also get the feeling that we are connecting with the person across from us and we are enjoying this full feeling that we are having. It is basically a hack that porn invented and we fell for it, but who cares. It's hella fun.

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